Journal of Global Justice and Public Policy


Volume 3:1

Fall 2016


Table of Contents




International Criminal Court and the Decision-Making Heritage of the Ad Hoc Tribunals: A Study of "Judicial Activism"

Artur Appazov


The United Nations on Trial: Is It a Mission Impossible?

Christopher J. Whelan




Unshackle the Statements: How Anti-Discrimination Codes are Sterilizing the Freedom of Speech at Public Universities

Julianna E. Battenfield


Things Fall Apart Without Roads! How Fair Taxation Laws Pave Roads and Build Economic Infrastructure in Developing Countries

Joshua G. Gamboa



Truism & Tautologies: Ambivalent Conclusions Regarding Same-Sex Marriage in Chapin v. France

Donald E. Soles III


Griswold v. Connecticut: 50 Years of Unintended Consequences

Stephen Casey

On Griswold and Women's Equality

Vivian E. Hamilton



Volume 3:2

Special Edition: International Perspectives on Juvenile Justice

Spring 2017

Table of Contents




Juvenile Justice in Germany: The Tension Between Public Outrage and Criminological Theory

Shawn Marie Boyne

Chinese Juvenile Justice Reform

Stephanie Persson




Trauma Informed Legal Care: A Paradigm Shift in Providing Legal Services to Unaccompanied Immigrant Children

Katie Chadliev & Stacy Newman


A Cautionary Tale: Examining the Potential Impact of Juvenile Transfer in Brazil

Jennifer L. Gebler

Volume 3