Regent Journal of Law and Public Policy


Volume 6:1

Winter 2013


Table of Contents




The Challenges of Teaching Gender Equality in a World of Reproductive Gendercide

Lynne Marie Kohm


Missing Daughters of India

Dr. Prakash Tyagi


Panel Discussions


Sex Selection, the Missing Girls of China and India, and the Challenges of Technological Control of Procreation

David M. Smolin


A Population Study of China and Legal Solutions to Gender-Selective Abortion

Stephen Mosher


The Value of the Girl Child in India

Dr. Ana A. Steele


A Discussion on PRENDA and Sex-Selective Abortion

Congressman Trent Franks



Volume 6:2

Spring 2014


Table of Contents




Corporate Free Exercise: A Survey of Supreme Court Cases Applied to a Novel Question

Andrew B. Kartchner


With Judges Using the Second Amendment to Sport Gun-Control Policy, What is the Trial Lawyer to Do?

Paloma A. Capanna


Redefining Marriage, Redefining Parenthood

William C. Duncan


Abortion: What the Founding Fathers Thought About It

Dr. Duane L. Ostler


English is Crucial to National Identity

Mauro E. Mujica


The Supreme Court's Subversion of the Constitution Through Substantive Due Process of Law and 14th Amendment Judicial Incorporation of the Bill of Rights

Hon. William D. (Bill) Graves




Compelling Indeed: A Look at Fisher and the Shocking Development of "Constitutionally Valid" Racial Discrimination

Matthew T. Poorman


Book Review


The Progressive Revolution

William Wagner

Volume 6