Regent Journal of International Law


Volume 7:1

Spring 2009


Table of Contents


Keynote Addresses


A Christian Perspective on Jurisprudence

J. Budziszewski


The Scholar's Calling

Michael P. Schutt


Panel Discussions


Jurisprudence and the Culture of Life

Prof. Teresa S. Collett, Prof. Santiago Legarre, & Dr. Gabriel Mora-Restrepo


Jurisprudence and Religious Freedom

Dean Ken Starr & Zhang Shoudong


Stories of a Christian Vocation

Dean Kwame Frimpong, Dr. Li-Ann Thio, & Dr. Vilma C. Balmaceda




Welcome to Primates' Paradise, Human Rights Not Allowed: Unravelling The Great Ape Project

Antoinette Duck


Ancient Roots and Modern Offshoots: The Development of International Human Rights

Andrew Truitt



Volume 7:2

Spring 2010


Table of Contents




Legal Aspects of Asylum in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Deadlock or a Concrete Hope for a Better Future?

Cristiano D'Orsi


The Challenge and Prospect of Security Council Reform

Kamrul Hossain


The International Legal Jurists, Morality, and the Realist Perspective in International Relations

Alex Khachaturian




Who is Responsible for Our Kids? A Look into the Parent/State Relationship in Raising Children

Stephen J. DeBoer


Eradicating the Use of Child Soldiers: Is the World Doing Enough?

Troy D. Green

Volume 7