Regent Journal of International Law


Volume 6:1

Fall 2007


Table of Contents




Towards a Model for African Humanitarian Intervention

J. Emeka Wokoro


A Primer on International Parental Abduction

Kathleen A. McKee


Chinese and Western Ethical Traditions and International Intervention

Shi Yinhong


Chinese and Western Worldviews: Implications for Law, Policy, and War

Jeffrey C. Tuomala


Protection of North Korean Defectors in China and the Convention Against Torture

Kyu Chang Lee, Ph.D.


Extraterritorial Application of Korean Competition Law

Joseph Seon Hur, Ph.D.




Do Unalienable Rights Apply to All? Extreme Shari'a Law and How United States Foreign Policy Towards Iran and Afghanistan Has Fueled Its Spread

Zack Hofstad


Echoes of the Dhimma: Discriminatory Vestiges of an Ancient Islamic Covenant

Steven J. McKinney



Volume 6:2

Spring 2008


Table of Contents


Symposium: Islam, Democracy, and Nation Building




The Clash over the Qur'an: Qur'anic Reinterpretation and National Reformation in Islam

Joseph N. Kickasola


Foreign Policy, National Security, and Nation Building

John H. Johns


Modern Islam and Democracy

Stephen Schwartz


Islam, Democracy, and Post-9/11 Nation Building: Is the Islamic Republic of Iran Compatible with the Principles of Democracy and Human Rights?

Mehrangiz Kar


Remarks of Dr. Radwan Masmoudi at Symposium Entitled "Islam, Democracy, and Post-9/11 Nation Building" on November 10, 2007

Radwan Masmoudi


Democracy Under Islam: Rejection, Adoption, or Containment

Thomas Najjar


Post-9/11 Nation Building: The Essential Elements

Jennifer Jefferis




Will it Float? The International Criminal Court Without the United States

Jonathan Paul Bracewell


Characterizing Al-Qaeda: A Call for Uniformity in the International Community

Eva M. Robinson

Volume 6