The Journal of Global Justice and Public Policy (JGJPP) staff editor selection process is open to Regent University School of Law students who are candidates for either a Juris Doctor (J.D.) or a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree.


JGJPP selects an editorial board of dedicated, diverse individuals with strong analytical and writing skills who will work cooperatively and enthusiastically to produce a scholarly journal.


Each year, JGJPP selects up to 15 staff editors.  JGJPP offers its staff editors an important learning experience, providing opportunities to develop editing and writing skills, as well as other critical skills that are relevant to a successful law practice, including inter alia communication, organization, project management, and a substantive knowledge of international law and legal issues.


J.D. Students

J.D. application requirements include:


(1) 2.6 (minimum) cumulative law school GPA;

(2) Completion of 30 law school credit hours; and

(3) Participation in the annual law school write-on competition.


Write-on Competition

Application to join JGJPP is made by participating in the annual law school write-on competition. The annual law school write-on competition is conducted at the end of each spring semester, and contains two separate requirements that must be satisfied:


(1) Completion of a Bluebook exercise packet; and

(2) Submission of the write-on article.

The packet instructions regarding the competition can be picked up from Ms. Carol's office in RH 353. Applications are due no later than 11:59 PM (EST) on Monday, June 4, 2018 and must be submitted to the JGJPP competition coordinator pursuant to the write-on packet instructions. The competition coordinator, Lorri Ann Drazan, may be contacted at For any questions or  concerns, please contact only the competition coordinator. 


Rising 3Ls may compete in the write-on competition. Contact the competition coordinator for further details.


Note: If at the end of the spring semester a law student ranks in the top 5% of his/her class, the second requirement is waived.


LL.M. Students

LL.M. application requirements include:


(1) Submission of the applicant’s curriculum vitae; and

(2) Completion of a one page essay describing the applicant’s interest in joining JGJPP.


All application materials must be submitted to the JGJPP editor-in-chief at

LL.M. applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


Note: LL.M. applicants are exempt from participating in the annual law school write-on competition, and are not required to complete a student note.


Membership Selection

Membership invitations will be extended by the end of June. All membership invitations are extended on the basis of the applicant’s performance in the law school write-on competition (both the quality of his/her write-on article and the accuracy of the Bluebook exercise).