Journal of Global Justice and Public Policy


Volume 2:1

Fall 2015


Table of Contents




Tangled Up: Restoring the Parental Rights of Immigrants Caught Between Immigration Court and the Family Court

Jessica N. Flores


Prosecution as a Mere Pretext of Persecution: Granting Refugee Status to Chinese Citizens Who Face Prosecution under Unspoken, Unofficial Chinese "Law"

Ra Hee Jeon




Fighting War and Furthering Slavery: The Alarming Truth about Private Military Firms and the Solution to End Their Involvement in Human Sex Trafficking

Carissa A. Rarick


"The Suggestions on the Rights of the Child": Why the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is a Twenty-Five Year Failure

Sherilyn C. Baxter


Verboten: Forbidden Homeschooling in Germany and Its Conflict with International Religious Freedom

Jacob A. Aschmutat




Baby Steps: The European Court of Human Rights Moves Closer to Protecting the Unborn in Parrillo v. Italy

Palmer E. Hurst & Christina A. Hurst


Book Review


An Alternative to "Business as Usual"?

Kathleen A. McKee




4th Annual Symposium: Human Rights and the Sexualization of Culture

Journal of Global Justice and Public Policy & the Center for Global Justice, Human Rights and the Rule of Law



Volume 2:2

Spring 2016


Table of Contents




Sharia and Law in the Age of Constitutionalism

Mohammad Rasekh


Freedom of Conscience and New "LGBT Rights" in International Human Rights Law

Travis S. Weber & L. Lin


The United States' Response to Human Trafficking: Sword of Justice or Paper Tiger?

Kathleen A. McKee




Crime and Propaganda: What Is to Be Done with Russian Federal Law № 135-FZ

Christopher A. Troye


Why the Combination of Universal Jurisdiction and Political Lawfare Will Destroy the Sacred Sovereignty of States

Jennifer R. Breedon


Government Regulation of Sexual Orientation Change Efforts: Infringement upon Our Rights to Exercise Parental Authority and Preserve Family Unity

Darea Eom




The Green Deal Goes Sour for the Clean Energy Sector in Great Britain

Joshua G. Gamboa


A Decision in Favor of Trinity Western University and Religious Rights in Canada

Parker M. Wornall


Book Review


The Disintegrating Constitution: The Progressive Credo of a Sitting Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

James M. Boland

Volume 2