Journal of Global Justice and Public Policy (JGJPP) is Regent University School of Law’s premier academic journal presenting original legal research related to the study of international human rights.  JGJPP features articles, notes, case comments, and book reviews submitted by prominent authors, practitioners, and students.  JGJPP actively solicits manuscripts that address international law, global justice, the rule of law, public policy (foreign and domestic), international relations and diplomacy, comparative law, and decisions adopted by the European Court of Human Rights, the International Court of Justice, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, and the International Criminal Court.  JGJPP is committed to publishing interdisciplinary scholarship critically analyzing the significant social challenges and the persistent legal issues affecting the marginalized, disenfranchised, indigent, and abused, and works in association with the Center for Global Justice, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law.  JGJPP is led by a team of select law student editors, publishes biannually, and regularly organizes and sponsors conferences, symposia, ethnic enrichment experiences, and student diversity events/activities.


JGJPP offers its student editors an important learning experience, providing opportunities to develop editing and writing skills, as well as other critical skills that are relevant to a successful law practice, including inter alia: communication, organization, project management, and a substantive knowledge of international law and legal issues.  JGJPP annually recruits a dedicated, accomplished and diverse staff of student editors.  


How We Achieve Our Mission

Publish Relevant Scholarship

Demand Excellence

Remain Distinct

Develop Professional Relationships


What This Looks Like

Publish Bianually

JGJPP Online Supplement

Speaker Series


Spring Symposium


Publication Subject Matter

Human Rights

Rule of Law

International Law

Comparative Law

International Relations

Foreign policy



Topics We Have Published

African Law and Culture

Advancing the Rule of Law in East Africa



Cameroon’s Bijural Legal System 

Childhood Bullying

Children's Rights

Chinese Refugee Law

Female Genital Mutilation

German Homeschooling

Human Trafficking

Parental Rights of Immigrants

Religious Freedom in Kazahkstan

The Constitutionality of the Selective Service System

Transnational Architectural Works

Contemporary Russian Law and Culture

The United Nations

The International Criminal Court

Juvenile Justice

Sharia Law

Universal Jurisdiction

Religious Rights and the Freedom of Conscience

Environmental Law in Great Britian

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Colonialization and Corruption

Child Labor Law in Ghana

The World Trade Organization

The European Court of Human Rights



Mr. Jean Paul Costa, Former President of the European Court of Human Rights

The Honorable Jim Inhofe, Senior United States Senator for the State of Oklahoma

Dr. Christopher Whelan, Associate Director, International Law Programmes, University of Oxford

Professor Mohammad Rasekh, Department of Public Law and Jurisprudence, National University of Iran

Dr. Artur Appazov, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen 


JGJPP’s Seal

JGJPP’s seal reflects JGJPP’s mission – יהוה‎ is the Hebrew tetragrammaton, which traditionally has been associated with the name of God.  ἀλήθεια is the classical Greek concept of truth.  Iustitia is the Latin legal principle of justice.  JGJPP believes that with a knowledge of God, one is able to perceive truth, which permits the dissemination and establishment of justice.  The Mercator world map represents JGJPP’s global focus; and the azure border color and corresponding laurel identify JGJPP with transnational efforts to achieve international peace.